Yuno Gasai Height Weight Body Measurements Hair Eye Color

Yuno Gasai is a fictional character and main protagonist of the Manga series “Future Diary”. The character is portrayed as a psychopath girl who kills without hesitation for the love of her life. 

Yuno Gasai Height Weight Body Measurements

Yuno Gasai Background:  

The character of Yuno Gasai has appeared in the Manga series “Future Diary”. First appeared in the year 2006. The character was portrayed as an insecure girl, who kills for a boy Yuri. Both of them are recruited by the God of Time and Space for some killer game. 

Yuno Gasai General Information: 

  • Real Name: Yuno Gasai. 
  • Alias: 2nd, Yunocchi, Gasai-San 
  • Gender: Female. 
  • Origin: Future Diary 
  • Date of Birth: 16 November 
  • Age: 14-15 
  • Occupation: Middle school student, God of the 1st world (formerly) 
  • Race/ Ethnicity:  Human (formerly), Goddess (In the 1st and 3rd world) 
  • Eyes Color: Pink 
  • Hair Color: Pink 
  • Created By: Sakae Esuno 
  • Portrayed By: Ayame Goriki 
  • First Appearance: Future Diary chapter 1: “Future Diary” (2006). 

Yuno Gasai Power & Abilities: 

Yuno is quite resourceful and smart. She has the Yukiteru Diary which has the powers to know about Yuki and his Situation and gives her some physical strength as well. Yuno is very good at making traps and has some expertise in normal combat. 

Yuno Gasai Personality: 

Yuno Gasai has a Deranged, and psychotic personality. On the surface level, she is very sweet and caring around Yuki, but underneath she wants to kill anyone who comes near Yuki. She has this effect on her brain due to her family situation. Her absent father and Evil mother caused an effect on her brain. 

Yuno Gasai Height Weight Body Measurements Hair Eye Color

Yuno Gasai Family Details: 

  • Father: Ushio Gasai 
  • Mother: Saika Gasai   
  • Siblings: None 
  • Marital Status: Single 
  • Spouse: None 
  • Children: None 

Yuno Gasai Dating History: 

  • She loves Yuki Amano and is in a relationship with him. No other dating history. 

Yuno Gasai Hair Eye Color biography

Yuno Gasai Appearances:  

The character of Yuno Gasai has appeared in the Manga series Future Diary and as well in the live-action-drama series. Yuno Gasai has also appeared in the visual novel based on the drama “Future Diary: The Thirteenth Diary Owner”. 

Yuno Gasai Body Measurements: 

Yuna Gasai height, weight, and body measurements of :

  • Height in Feet: 5’2″ 
  • Height in Centimeters: 159 cm 
  • Weight in Kilograms: 49 kg. 
  • Weight in Pounds: 108 lbs. 
  • Shoe Size: Unknown. 
  • Body Measurements: 29”- 21”- 28”.  

Yuno Gasai Interesting Facts:  

  • She suffered neglect and mental abuse. 
  • Yuno is known as Goddess in the new Series. 
  • The character is psychotic due to mental and emotional abuse. 
  • She killed herself with a knife in one dimension of the world. 

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