Charizard Height Weight Body Measurements Powers & Weakness

Charizard is a fictional Pokémon appearing in the Nintendo and Game Freak and also in the animated manga series named “Pokémon”. He is portrayed as a friendly Pokémon easily summoned from a poke ball. Charizard is also knowns as ash’s Charizard. 

Charizard characterstics

Charizard Background:  

The character of Charizard made his first appearance in a Video game called “Pokémon Red and Blue” in 1996. As well as in the subsequent series of the franchise. Later on, played and adopted in various animated series by the franchise. The character is also called “Flame Pokémon”. 

Charizard General Information: 

  • Real Name: Charizard 
  • Alias: Flame Pokémon. 
  • Gender: 87.5% male, 12.5% female 
  • Origin: Kanto (Generation I) 
  • Occupation: Pokémon. 
  • Race/ Ethnicity:  Flame Pokémon 
  • Eyes Color: Light Blue 
  • Hair Color: Orange 
  • Created By: Atsuko Nishida, Tomohiro Kitakaze 
  • First Appearance: Pokémon Red and Blue (1996) 

Charizard Power & Abilities:  

Charizard spits fire enough to melt boulders even. He throws fire bombs. The quality of fire is more extensive if facing a harsh battle. Charizard also has the ability to fly. He also knows so many famous moves to combat his opponents. 

Charizard Height Weight Body Measurements Powers & Weakness

Charizard Personality:  

The character of Charizard is shown to be noble and kind to the opponent with less power than them. He seeks worthy opponents for battle. Only breathes fire if provoked into a deadly battle with a worthy opponent. Otherwise, they have friendly and loving nature. 

Charizard Height Weight Body Measurements

Charizard Characteristics: 

Charizard has a blue flame on his tale which represents that he is kind of a dragon. This allows him to learn so many dragon-like moves such as Dragon-breath, Dragon-pulse, etc. Charizard is noted as the most famous character in the Pokemon series. 

Charizard Appearances: 

The character of Charizard has appeared in the animated series of Pokémon. Displayed as a playable character that can be summoned easily from a poke ball. 

Charizard Body Measurements: 

Pokemon Charizard height, weight, and body measurements vital statistics are listed below.

  • Height in Feet: 5′07″ 
  • Height in Centimeters: 152 cm 
  • Weight in Kilograms: 90.5 kg 
  • Weight in Pounds: 199.5 lbs. 

Charizard Interesting Facts: 

  • Charizard is the favorite Pokémon of Ash.  
  • He is the most popular Pokémon of Generation 1. 
  • Charizard is the first Pokémon to appear in Japanese animated series. 

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