Kirito Height Weight Body Measurements Age Sword Statistics

Kirito is a fictional character and a protagonist of the virtual reality game based on a novel named “Sword Art Online”. He is portrayed as a teenager who was chosen from 1000 other competitors.

Kirito Height Weight Body Measurements 

Kirito Background

Kirito is a character in Sword art online a fictional game. He was selected from other 1000 competitors and after signing in to the game all the other 10,000 players and Kirito understand that they are stuck in the game and unable to log out. They have to complete the game and win to stay alive. 

Kirito General Information: 

  • Real Name: Kazuto Narusaka 
  • Alias: Kazuto Kirigaya, Kirito 
  • Gender: Male 
  • Origin: Sword Art Online 
  • Date of Birth: October 7, 2008 
  • Age: 17 
  • Occupation: Middle School Student, High School Student, Part-Time Tester for Rath. 
  • Race/ Ethnicity:  Spriggan 
  • Eyes Color: Black & Golden (While in battle) 
  • Hair Color: Black 
  • Created By: Reki Kawahara 
  • First Appearance: Novel: Volume 1, Chapter 1, Manga: Aincrad Manga Stage.001, Anime: Episode 1, Game: Infinity Moment 

Kirito Personality: 

He does not have many friends and closes down other people from his life. Kirito is not good with words and says things quite directly. The character is shown to be very calm and emotional but can be controlled by emotions sometimes. Never gets distressed or shows disguise for anyone. He also likes to annoy people sometimes to some extent just for fun. 

Kirito Power & Abilities:  

The Character of Kirito is an exceptionally skilled marksman and marksman, and he is skilled in hand-to-hand combats as well. The character is shown to have superhuman abilities as well, as he was seen regrowing his arm from elbow to hand several times in battles.

Kirito Family Details: 

  • Father: Narusaka Yukito 
  • Mother: Narusaka Aoi 
  • Siblings: Kirigaya Suguha (Cousin, Adoptive sister), Yui (In-Game Adoptive Daughter) 
  • Marital Status: Married 
  • Spouse: Yuuki Asuna (Girlfriend/In-Game Wife) 

Kirito Height Weight Body Measurements Age Sword Statistics 

Kirito Age Sword Statistics biography

Kirito Dating History: 

Yuuki Asuna is Kirito’s only love and partner in the series. They were trapped in a game together and played together to defeat the game but they developed feelings for each other. Later on, they got married to each other in the game. 

Kirito Appearances:

This character has also appeared in Alfiem online and Gun Gale online other than Sword Art Online.  

Kirito Body Measurements:

The anime character Kazuto Kirigaya aka. Kirito height, weight, shoe size, and other body measurements statistics are listed below.

  • Height in Feet: 5’7”
  • Height in Centimeters: 172 cm
  • Weight in Kilograms: 59 kg
  • Weight in Pounds: 130 lbs.
  • Shoe Size: Unknown

Kirito Interesting Facts:

  • Kirito built his own computer.
  • He rides a motorcycle.
  • Kazuto Kirigaya is not his birth name.
  • Brown stew chicken is his favorite dish.

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