Hinata Hyuga Height Weight Body Measurements Vital Statistics

Hinata Hyuga is a fictional character appearing in the anime and manga series “Naruto”. She is portrayed as the main protagonist of the series. Hinata has been shown as a member of Team 8 and the heiress of the Hyuga clan.

What is the background of Hinata Hyuga?

The character appeared in the anime series Naruto in the year 2000. She is portrayed as a young girl who is considered the main protagonist of the series. Hinata has also made an appearance in the feature films of the series.

Hinata Hyuga vital stats and biography

Hinata Hyuga General Information:

  • Real Name: Hinata Hyuga
  • Alias: Lady Hinata, Byakugan Princess.
  • Gender: Female
  • Origin: Naruto
  • Date of Birth: December 27.
  • Age: 16
  • Occupation: Chunin, Team 8 member, Housewife.
  • Race/ Ethnicity: Human
  • Created By: Masashi Kishimoto
  • First Appearance: Naruto chapter 34: Intruders? (2000)

What are the Hinata Hyuga Powers & Abilities:

Hinata can fight and knows different fighting techniques such as Byakugan, Twin lion fist, and Hamura Otsutsuki’s Chakra technique. She also has a very high-level intellect.

What are the Eye color and Hair color of Hinata Hyuga?

  • Eyes Color: White
  • Hair Color: Dark BlueHinata Hyuga eye color hair color

How do you describe the personality of Hinata Hyuga?

The character is shown to have a timid and loving personality. She is kind-hearted and soft which is considered a flaw by Naji. Hinata is very hardworking but lacks self-confidence.

Hinata Hyuga Height Weight Body Measurements Vital Statistics

Who is included in the Hinata Hyuga family?

  • Father: Hiashi Hyuga
  • Mother: Unnamed
  • Siblings: Hanabi Hyuga (sister)
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse: Naruto Uzumaki (husband)
  • Children: Boruto Uzumaki (son), Himawari Uzumaki (daughter), Kawaki (adoptive son)

Who did Hinata Hyuga date? 

Hinata has married Naruto Uzumaki the main protagonist and character on which the Naruto series is based. No other dating history is available.

Hinata Hyuga Height Weight Body Measurements

Hinata Hyuga Appearances:

The character has made an appearance in various forms of media related to the anime series “Naruto”. She has made a prominent appearance in the anime series as well as in manga and feature films of the series “Naruto”.

What are Hinata Hyuga’s height and other body measurements?

Listed below are the facts about Hinata Hyuga height, weight, and other body measurements:

  • Height in Feet: 5’4”
  • Height in Centimeters: 162 cm.
  • Weight in Kilograms: 45 kg.
  • Weight in Pounds: 99 lbs.
  • Shoe Size: Unknown
  • Body Measurements: 34”- 22” – 33”.

Hinata Hyuga Interesting Facts:

  • She is married to Naruto.
  • Hinata has a very loving personality.
  • She has an expert level of intellect.
  • The character has expertise in different fighting techniques.

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