Jane Foster Height Weight Body Measurements Age Vital Statistics

Jane Foster is a fictional superhero character appearing in the American comic series by Marvel Comics. She is portrayed as a former doctor and astrophysics scientist. First appeared in Journey into Mystery #84 (September 1962). 

Jane Foster Height Weight Body Measurements

Jane Foster Background:  

The character of Jane Foster first appeared in the series named “Journey into Mystery” in September 1962. She appeared as Thor in a later series. Her character developed with time. She appeared as a member of Avengers in “Avengers: Rage of Ultron” 

Jane Foster General Information: 

  • Real Name: Jane Foster-Kincaid 
  • Alias: Mighty Thor, Thor 
  • Gender: Female 
  • Origin: Earth 
  • Occupation: Doctor Consultant (formerly)  
  • Race/ Ethnicity:  Human 
  • Eyes Color: Blue 
  • Hair Color: Bald (Blonde as Thor; formerly Brown) 
  • Created By: Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Jack Kirby 
  • Portrayed by: Natalie Portman, Ava Caryofyllis (young), Elsa Pataky (stand-in) 
  • First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #84 (September 1962) 

Jane Foster Power & Abilities:  

As Thor, she has the superhuman abilities as Thor superhuman stamina, and durability. The character has the power to manipulate and change the weather. She can transform herself physically. Jane has the power of lightning. As Valkyrie access to Undrjarn, the shapeshifting weapon.  

Jane Foster Personality:  

Jane Foster is an extremely intelligent scientist. She is dedicated to exploring scientific truth mainly related to astrophysics. The character of jane is displayed as a mature sensible person but also has a childish excitement element towards Astrophysics and discoveries. 

Jane Foster Height Weight Body Measurements Age Vital Statistics

Jane Foster Family Details: 

  • Father: Unnamed 
  • Mother: Elaine Foster 
  • Siblings: None 
  • Marital Status: Divorced 
  • Spouse: Keith Kincaid (ex-husband) 
  • Children: Jimmy Kincaid (son) 

Jane Foster Dating History: 

Jane Foster briefly dated Dr. Donald Blake but her most prominent relationship is with Thor. She broke up with Thor several times but, again reunited. 

Jane Foster Age Vital Statistics biography

Jane Foster Appearances: 

The character of Jane Foster has appeared in television series such as The Marvel Superheroes, and many more. She made her debut appearance in Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2011 in the movie: THOR, character was played by Natalie Portman. 

Jane Foster Body Measurements: 

Marvel’s female superhero Jane Foster height, weight, shoe size, and other body measurements statistics are discussed below.

  • Height in Feet: 5′ 7″ (Jane Foster); 5’9″ (Thor) 
  • Height in Centimeters: 173 cm, 179 cm (as Thor) 
  • Weight in Kilograms: 61 kg, 204 kg (As Thor) 
  • Weight in Pounds: 135 lbs. 450 lbs. (Thor) 
  • Shoe Size: Unknown 

Jane Foster Interesting facts:  

  • She fought in secret wars. 
  • Odin rejected her. 
  • She was a Valkyrie. 
  • She battled cancer the same as Mighty Thor did. 

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