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Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) Height Weight Body Measurements Statistic

Supergirl (Kara Zor-El) is a superhero character appearing in the American comic series by DC comics. She first appeared in the series “The Supergirl from Krypton” in May 1959. She is a biological cousin of the superhero “Kal El (Superman)”. 

Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) Height Weight Body Measurements

Supergirl Background:  

Kara Zoe-El is also known by her adoptive names Linda Lee Danvers, Kara Kent, Linda Lang, and Kara Danvers. She is portrayed to be a cousin of “Kal El (Superman)”. She appeared in the comics in 1959 and she made her first appearance in Live-action 1984 film based on her character. 

Supergirl General Information: 

  • Real Name: Kara Zor-El 
  • Alias: Supergirl 
  • Gender: Female 
  • Origin: Krypton 
  • Occupation: Student, Adventurer · Former D.E.O. agent, Barista 
  • Race/ Ethnicity:  Kryptonian 
  • Eyes Color: Blue 
  • Hair Color: Blonde 
  • Created By: Otto Binder, Al Plastino 
  • Played By: Laura Vandervoort, Melissa Benoist. 
  • First Appearance: Action Comics #252 (May 1959) 

Supergirl Power & Abilities:  

The character of Supergirl possesses superhuman strength, she can fly and walk with supersonic speed. Her character is portrayed as she has martial arts skills with superhuman strength and powers such as X-ray vision, telescopic and microscopic vision,  

Supergirl Personality: 

Kara is portrayed as an insecure, fierce, impulsive, compassionate, and sometimes immature teenager. She was portrayed as an angry young girl.  

Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) Height Weight Body Measurements Statistic

Supergirl Family Details: 

  • Father: Zor-El   
  • Mother: Alura In-Ze   
  • Siblings: Kal-El (first cousin) 
  • Marital Status: Single 
  • Spouse: None 
  • Children: None 

Supergirl Dating History: 

She dated James Olsen but her main love interest was Querl Dox and she dated him for almost a decade. 

Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) Statistic biography

Supergirl Appearances:  

The character of Supergirl has appeared in Various projects by DC comics. She appeared in Comics as well as in live-action movies. The character of Supergirl appeared in the Superman Movie series in 1984 and later on, she appeared In DC Extended Universe.  

Supergirl Body Measurements: 

The following list includes Kara Zor-El aka. Supergirl height, weight, shoe size, and other body measurements statistics.

  • Height in Feet: 5’5” 
  • Height in Centimeters: 167 cm 
  • Weight in Kilograms: 54 kg 
  • Weight in Pounds: 120 lbs. 
  • Shoe Size: Unknown 

Supergirl Interesting facts: 

  • She died saving the world. 
  • Supergirl is a first cousin of Superman. 
  • She was replaced by a clone for over a decade. 
  • Supergirl has her own super pets. 
  • The character is also a member of the Red Lantern corps. 


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