Captain Marvel Height Weight Body Measurements Hair Eye Color

Captain Marvel (Carol Denver) is a character appearing in American comic books by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared as an officer in the United States Air Force who is also a colleague of Kree Superhero Mar-Vell. Later on, became the first incarnation of Ms. Marvel in 1977. 

Captain Marvel Background:  

The character of Carol Denver has known to be the most powerful female superhero in Marvel Universe. She got her powers after becoming in contact with the DNA of superhero Mar-Vell due to an explosion. The character appeared in the self-titled series in the late 1970s. 

Captain Marvel Height Weight Body Measurements

Captain Marvel General Information: 

  • Real Name: Carol Susan Jane Danvers 
  • Alias: Ms. Marvel, Binary, Warbird, Catherine Donovan, Captain Marvel 
  • Gender: Female 
  • Origin: Boston, Massachusetts 
  • Age: 35 
  • Occupation: former US Airforce Officer, former Security head NASA. Avenger, Superhero. 
  • Race/ Ethnicity: Human/Kree hybrid 
  • Eyes Color: Blue 
  • Hair Color: Blonde 
  • Created By: Roy Thomas & Gene Colan 
  • Portrayed By: Brie Larson, Mckenna Grace (young), London Fuller (young) 
  • First Appearance: Marvel Super-Heroes #13 (March 1968) 

Captain Marvel Power & Abilities:  

The character of Carol Denver is portrayed to have superhuman strength and stamina as well, she has the ability to absorb energies. She is known to be the most powerful female superhero due to her endurance and increased ability to absorb and heightened powers. Carol has the ability to fly as well. She possesses the regenerative ability due to which she can heal very fast. She also has the ability to fight in combatant styles.  

Captain Marvel Personality:  

The personality of Carol Denver is shown to be very rebellious and stubborn. She was underestimated by others her whole life, that’s why she is now very determined to complete her challenges. 

Captain Marvel Height Weight Body Measurements Hair Eye Color

Captain Marvel Family Details: 

  • Father: Joe Danvers, Sr. (deceased) 
  • Mother: Mari-Ell (deceased) 
  • Siblings: Joe Danvers, Jr. (half-brother), Stevie Danvers (half-brother, deceased), Lauri-Ell (half-sister) 
  • Marital Status: Single 
  • Spouse: None 
  • Children: Marcus Immortus (son) 

Captain Marvel Dating History: 

Carol Denver has some flings but her most prominent crush and love was Captain Marvel. 

Captain Marvel Hair Eye Color Bio

Captain Marvel Appearances: 

The character of Carol Denver (Captain Marvel) has appeared in the comic series of Marvel comics as well in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She appeared in the film series as well. Her character is also playable in video games. 

Captain Marvel Body Measurements: 

The following list contains information about Carol Denver aka. Captain Marvel height, weight, shoe size, and other body measurements statistics.

  • Height in Feet: 5’11”  
  • Height in Centimeters:  180 cm
  • Weight in Kilograms: 74 kg 
  • Weight in Pounds: 165 lbs. 
  • Shoe Size: Unknown 

Captain Marvel Interesting Facts: 

  • The character has a split personality. 
  • She fought the dinosaurs once. 
  • Carol lost her memory Multiple times. 
  • She wanted to become an astronaut. 
  • Captain Marvel is skilled even without superpowers. 



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